Each year, the Board of Education reviews the information related to recording devices on school district buses found in Board Policy 711.2 - Student Conduct on School Transportation and Board Policy Regulation 711.2R3 - Use of Recording Devices on School Buses Regulation.  The Board reviewed the policy and regulations at the regular meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, August 19, 2019, and provides the following notice:

The Mason City Community School District Board of Directors has authorized the use of recording devices on school district buses. The recording devices will be used to monitor student behavior to maintain order on the school buses to promote and maintain a safe environment. Students and parents are hereby notified that the content of the recordings may be used in a student disciplinary proceeding. The content of the recordings are confidential student records and will be retained with other student records. Recordings will only be retained if necessary for use in a student disciplinary proceeding or other matter as determined necessary by the administration. Parents may request to view the recording of their child if the recordings are not used in a disciplinary proceeding involving their child.

The following notice is also placed on all school buses equipped with a recording device:

This bus is equipped with a recording/audio monitoring system.