The Iowa Department of Education released today new online reports showing how public schools performed in a new accountability system that meets the Every Student Succeeds Act, a federal education law that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act.

The new reports, called the Iowa School Performance Profiles, include each school’s scores on a set of accountability measures. The reports display scores based on a school’s overall performance, as well as the performance of subgroups of students, such as children from low-income backgrounds.

The accountability measures include a unique indicator of school climate based on student surveys of engagement, safety and overall learning environment called Conditions for Learning.  The other measures are: Student participation on state assessments, academic achievement, student academic growth, graduation rate, and progress in achieving English language proficiency. A postsecondary readiness measure will be added in 2019.

 The new reports specify schools that have been identified for additional support and improvement based on their performance. ESSA requires these identifications to ensure students have the same opportunities for success that exist for students in other schools. Of Iowa’s 1,302 public schools:

  • Thirty-four are identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement. Schools receive this designation either because their overall scores fall within the lowest 5 percent of Iowa schools receiving federal Title I funding, or because they are high schools with a graduation rate below 67.1 percent.
  • 307 are identified for Targeted Support and Improvement. Schools receive this designation if one or more student subgroup score is as low as the lowest 5 percent of schools in the state.

We are excited to share at Mason City Community School District four buildings are performing above the state average of 54.91. The rest of our buildings are within 4.10 of the state average.  None of the Mason City Community School District buildings are on “Comprehensive Status” and three buildings received a designation of “Targeted Status” for specific sub groups. The district and building administration and teaching staff will begin to look at additional supports to implement to assist with improvement on performance with these targeted groups while continuing the great work and effort on comprehensive learning with all of our students. 

Iowa Department of Education releases new school performance results, website - News Release

NOTE: The Iowa School Performance Profiles are different from the Iowa School Report Card, developed in 2015 to meet a state legislative requirement. In 2019, the Iowa Department of Education will work to update data in the Iowa School Report Card and then merge the site with the Iowa School Performance Profiles. The goal is to ensure the state has one report card that meets both state and federal requirements.