The Mason City Community School District has updated our communication system and it requires that you update your preferences in Powerschool.  The new system is an updated version of our current communication software that we use (Power Announcement) and is now called/named Alert Solutions 2.  Unfortunately, the preferences you had set up previously do not carry over to Alert Solutions 2 and so you will need to update them.   

With the new system, by default, phone call alerts will go to your home phone, work phone(s), and cell phone(s).

Follow the directions in the attached document link at the bottom of this announcement to update your preferences.  You will need to log into the Powerschool Parent Portal to make the updates.

IMPORTANT - Preferences can only be updated by logging into Powerschool using either Chrome or Firefox.  Internet Explorer will NOT work for this purpose.


Remember, to log into Powerschool just click Powerschool under Resources in the left panel.  If you have logged on before but cannot remember your password or username, simply click "Forgot Username or Password" on the Powerschool login screen to recover that information.

If you do not have access to the Internet and are unable to log into Powerschool, please call your student's building office to tell them what your preferences are for receiving attendance alerts (home phone, work phone(s), cell phone(s)) and the office personnel will enter the updates to your preferences.

NOTE - It would be preferable for you to update your preferences yourself in Powerschool to ensure accurate information is entered.

Thank You,

Mason City Community Schools

Instruction link to update your preferences